Testimonial from a reader in South Australia September 2018

Hi James, Couldn’t put your third book in the trilogy of Sentinels of Tzurac – Retaliation, down. Action packed the whole way through, with many twists and turns. Excellent series and can’t wait for further thrilling adventures of Yarron, Kyron, Dakhar and
the Sentinels, can’t forget the Bladers and the avengers trying to get their hands on the Xytrinium resources, and rule the planets. Great reading. Barb

Review from Goodreads reader 14 April 2018 of Terra Major Under Threat

Hi all,
Last week I received a pleasing review from a Goodreads reader who had read my first book Terra Major Under Threat and would like to share her great comments. Her Instagram name is Allieoops and rated my book as 4 stars out of 5 . Here is her review which she has placed on Goodreads and Amazon:

“Terra Major Under Threat (Sentinels of Tzurac #1)
by James Raven (Goodreads Author)

Any Next Generation fans reading this review? Think about the difference between Riker and Picard. They’re both awesome, but very different. This book is more of a Picard. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it makes sense to me so I’m putting it in my review.

This book was a fortuitous find for me. I had to take my high school kids school shopping, and it was at the (in my mind) dreaded, massive Indooroopilly shopping center. Bluck. But as we were walking past a bookstore, I saw an author sitting out front with stacks of his books. Silver lining, people! AND they were sci-fi books! I gave my kids some cash and threatened that any idiotic purchases would have to be returned. Then I went and chatted with the very friendly author, James Raven. A genuinely pleasant guy!

I can’t believe this is his first book! It was interesting from the get-go. It was like chicken soup to my nerdish soul. And I feel the need to point out how pleasantly surprised I was at the lack of grammatical errors. That’s quite the feat for a first book! And I also want to mention something that may sound weird, but I loved the feel of the book. It was nice and smooth, but matte-like. I liked rubbing it. I know I’m weird! But I loved it. I only own one other book whose cover feels the same way (Four Hoboken Stories by Daniel Pinkwater), and I own a lot of books, so I thought that detail was worth the mention.

This was an entertaining sci-fi that I’m glad I bought. This book can be read as a stand alone, but I know there’s more books — and I’ll be reading them. Well done, James!

Ps: I wish I had an ultraviolet beam shower! (less)”


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5 out of 5 stars: I enjoyed reading this – a lot! 10 Dec 2014

I had never heard of the genre “Space Opera” before this, but I have to say, it fits the book! Sentinels of Tzurac could have been an episode of Flash Gordon; the original black and white version. I half expected Ming the Merciless to pop up at any moment! There’s no subtlety here – it’s all about world domination and universal peace. I love this melodramatic style.

What I also loved is, this is a complete story; beginning, middle and end. All the loose ends are tied up at the conclusion; no frustrating lead-ins to the next instalment; no eBook published in three parts – just one. The plot is linear, dramatic, and well thought out. The characters were easy to identify with, but rather black or white. No mistaking who the goodies and badies are here folks.

A great deal of the storyline is told as third person narrative style, which can be, at times, a bit over-descriptive and almost robotic in nature. The plot is so strong that you can overlook the simplistic prose and the very occasional English usage gaffe. That’s just editing inexperience.

In the Space Opera genre, you have to forget about the limitations of physics, (time dilation and speed of light are always so inconvenient to sci-fi authors) but there is one glaring plot hole. Our Earth scientists have, apparently have discovered two other habitable planets in our own solar system!? These are all minor points and don’t detract much from the experience.

This was a fun ride and given that this was James Raven’s maiden novel, I am expecting big things from him in future. Good job James, I enjoyed reading this – a lot!

Rating 5.0 out of 5 stars Looking Forward to the Sequel!, October 8, 2013
Aidan (Sydney, Australia) –

I picked this book up recently for my tablet and loved it, I’d agree with the George Lucas inspiration comment, there were certainly a few Star Wars parallels to my mind (in a good way). I’m not normally a big sci-fi reader but loved this book, will definitely get the sequel when its out.

Rating 5.0 out of 5 stars by Peter760 on 19 Jan 2013

Even if you are not normally into sci-fi I think you will find it entertaining.,
This review is from: Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra Major Under Threat (Paperback)
An enjoyable fast paced read! A good story and well presented with believable characters and a nicely executed story line.The author has avoided the self indulgent predisposition of some writers to spend large portions of the book describing in minute detail the civilisation they have created. Instead he has provided sufficient information to enable the reader to grasp the background and get into the story without becoming bored by superfluous detail. I see this is the first in a series and will certainly keep an eye out for the publication of his next book.

Rating 5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Science Fiction, February 1, 2013

by Jazzlover- This review is from: Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra Major Under Threat(audiobook)

“If you like the Star Trek style of story and writing, Sentinels is a classic, with characters you care about. Extremely well written, and as an audiobook, it’s hard to top listening. I expect to see Sentinels of Tzurac produced as a movie in the future.”

Rating 4.0 out of 5 stars : Easy read science fiction, March 13, 2013

Bob (UK) – This review is from: Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra Major Under Threat (Kindle Edition)

“This book is more of the old style science fiction where the story is set in other worlds and Earth of the future but still retains a hold on reality rather than relying on too many gimmicks. Much depends on a substance called “Xytrinium” which seems to be a super element.
The characters are interesting and locations are well described and you get a real feel of an alien society and earth of the future. Although this is the first part of a series it does work well as a stand-alone and also makes me want to read the rest of the series.”

Rating 5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific Science Fiction, March 22, 2013

Karen DThis review is from: Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra Major Under Threat (Kindle Edition)

Sentinels of Tzurac is a great read. When will the next book be released?

Rating 4.0 out of 5 stars My sentiments on The Sentinels, March 6, 2013


This review is from: Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra Major Under Threat (Paperback)

A cracking good read!! This is a romp through space & time, and a great effort from a new writer. I can highly recommend it.


Thoroughly Enjoyable

Today I finished your third book, what an amazing trilogy, there is so much to talk about in the third book. It has an exciting layout portraying both the villains build up to war in the beginning & also the good guys side to the build-up, even the twist throwing in Yarron & his side story. Very well written & thoroughly enjoyable, gripping at times. M.D. -Bulimba, Qld 06/02/17


Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book

“After reading the first book “Terra Major Under Threat” I eagerly awaited the next edition to the trilogy, and I was not disappointed upon reading this second book. James is not only skilful, but creative in his story telling, making it easy for my mind to draw the imaginary story as it unfolds. The story easily picks up where it was left with the villains Jackson & Khaneera, who have become even more likeable characters, escaping from their respective prisons and continuing to plot against their arch nemesis, Kyron. The storyline takes the reader to several different planets, and with many battles unfolding, keeping the story compelling in every chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I look forward to the final edition in this epic trilogy.” M.D. Annerley, Qld


The plot has the makings of a great movie

I am by no means an avid reader, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover. I liked the way the writer tied the early storyline on Tzurac with the Sentinels, right through to Terra Major with Kyron. The plot has the makings of a great movie, and I hope it goes that far in the not too distant future. I am eagerly awaiting the second book to see where the storyline goes next. A great Sci-Fi story set with easily envisaged characters, allowing the mind to wander into the fantasy world. Mark from Coorparoo, Qld

Hi James, I met you at your book signing at Brookside on 12 July, where I bought your new book. I had told you that I had not heard of you but after reading a sample chapter from your book I had to get it. Well I must tell you that I have become a fan. I didn’t want to put it down, it kept me enthralled all the way through the story. I cannot wait till the sequel comes out. One thing I like is an author who gets me in at the start of the book and keeps me on the edge of my seat till the end, and you certainly did that.
Keep up the good work.
Your new fan, G.H. Brisbane Qld.

“I’ve just read ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ and even though I’m not normally a sci-fi reader I loved this adventure, it has the makings of a great movie in my opinion! I’m now looking forward to the sequel.” Aidan – Sydney

Although I’m not into Sci Fi, I must admit to getting quite engrossed in the story, and found it hard to put the book down. Loved it!!! Can’t wait for the sequels!!!! Great work James.. B.B. South Australia

‘ I wasn’t sure what to expect from first time novel writer James Raven but in the “Sentinels of Tzurac” he has produced a very entertaining read. The story of murder, deceit and revenge is set in deep space against a backdrop of corporate power play and intrigue. The book has good structure giving excellent information and background without ever getting bogged down in detail.
The pace is never ending such that the reader is constantly compelled to turn the page until the very end. I look forward to Mr. Raven’s next work with anticipation.’ P.R. Brisbane.