Past to Present

In the early fifties I immigrated to Australia as a youngster with my “ten pound pom” family. I spent my boyhood in Victoria and my teenage years in South Australia, following all the sci-fi TV series of Star Trek, Lost in Space, Dr Who and Time Tunnel. Then, in my adulthood, I watched sci-fi movies including Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Gate. I have always loved English Literature and started writing romantic poetry, graduating to my first non-fiction book in 2003. A close friend of mine recognised I had the talent to write novels and suggested I should be entertaining readers with the sci-fi genre that I love. He read my first book Sentinels of Tzurac – Terra Major Under Threat and enjoyed it so much that he encouraged me to write sequels. After retiring from a career of forty years in the public service, I am now writing full time and applying my martial arts training and my interest in science to write believable and exciting sci-fi stories.


Warm sunny days

Cosy winter nights

Good coffee

Quality healthy food

Bike riding through park lands

Early refreshing morning long walks

Strength and toning exercises


Meditative music

Great movies in most genres with great editing, believable actors and clever dialogue

Well written books

Good friends with good humour

Quality red wine


Colour – blue

Precious gem stone – diamond

Food – Wholesome home-cooked meals, most cheeses and most fruits

Landscape- forest

Animals – eagle, black panther, Siamese cats


Never take anything for granted, live everyday as if it was your last, be thankful for what we have, try to do a good turn for someone everyday and be generous with our time and our possessions.