Successful Book Signing Day at Dymocks

Last Saturday turned out to be another exciting and successful event at Dymocks Bookshop Indooroopilly. I had some very interesting conversations with the readers who approached me to have copies of my books personally autographed. One young father introduced his 5 or 6 year old daughter who wanted to ask a ‘real-life’ author about how to write stories as she has just started to write a story of her own. She asked where I got my ideas from and how to put these together. Her father asked me if he could have one of my bookmarks autographed in order to laminate it as a memento for his daughter to inspire her in becoming a writer.

Another reader suggested ways of marketing my books seeing as I am an ‘Indie’ author and my books are not kept of the shelves at Dymocks book shop. She asked for a few business cards and said she would talk to other outlets about my books. One nice gentleman who liked reading Sci-fi and wanted to support local authors, purchased a complete set of my trilogy books. And a young student who read the synopsis of the first book- Terra Major Under Threat-, also wanted the complete set.  After informing many of the readers that the first book, which was adapted to a screenplay and had won 4 International awards last year as displayed by the certificates  on the table, said they were looking forward  to seeing  the potential movie in the near future.  I also let the readers know that I would be coming back for another book signing day on August 26th 2017.



Semi Finalist in the Golden Script Competition 2017

I have just been notified and wanted to share the news that the adapted screenplay for Sentinels of Tzurac – Terra Major Under Threat- has been successful in being selected as one of the semi-finalists for this year’s annual event. The Golden Script Competition was founded in Glasgow, Scotland, UK and is an annual event for short and feature screenplays received from all over the world and open to most genres. I am ecstatic in reaching this status from what must be hundreds of screenplays submitted to this competition.



Another exciting Book signing Day at Dymocks 17 June 2017
I have been invited thankfully again to have a book signing day at Dymocks  Indooroopilly Shopping Centre next Saturday 17th June 2017 from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm and am very much looking forward to the event. I will have copies of all three books of my Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy series  available and will be happy to personally autograph these for those readers visiting the bookshop. I will also  enjoy chatting to those shoppers who take the time to stop at my table to exchange ideas and stories. I look forward to meeting Dymocks’ customers who enjoy science fiction and science fantasy.
Cheers for now,
Successful Book Signing Day at Dymocks
Last Saturday (29th) turned out to be a very successful day at Dymock’s Indooroopilly Bookshop. It was a perfect Queensland Autumn day and the amicable sunshine weather enticed lots of shoppers to the Centre and the bookshop. Many readers stopped to talk to me and most purchased a book or three to have me sign their copy. The action posters again drew attention and several asked when the movie was coming out, of which I replied that with four International awards won last year for the adapted screenplay, I am waiting anxiously for that phone call any day now from one of the film makers who wants to make this happen. Until then, I am happy to keep having these book signing days and thankful to Dymocks for inviting me to their Book shop.
For those who were unable to come on Saturday, I will be having another book signing day on June 17th. In the meantime, those readers who are interested in my books to read and want to purchase my books with my signature can ask the Indooroopilly Dymocks Book shop to get in touch with me and I will personally deliver a signed copy to their bookshop. My books are always available though by ordering on line through Amazon and other reputable book retailers. So,until next time, happy reading,

Post Easter Book Signing at Dymocks

Dymocks at Indooroopilly have kindly invited me to hold another book signing on Saturday 29 April 2017. I am looking forward again to the opportunity to meet those readers who spend time at my table to have an interesting chat and talk about my books as well as their interests in writing and science fiction. Now the completed trilogy is available, readers who have read my previous two books are keen to obtain a signed copy of the third book in the Sentinel’s of Tzurac series. In the meantime, I wish you all a happy and safe Easter holiday,



Successful Book signing Day at Dymocks Bookshop

Last Saturday was another exciting and successful book signing day at Indooroopilly. Readers were  quite taken by the dynamic action posters displaying the Sentinels’ trilogy  and asked if there was a movie or two on the horizon. Displayed on the table were also  three of the four  awards received last year from  notable  international film and screenplay festivals for the adapted first book  into a screenplay. Some readers purchased  the trilogy set while others just the first in the series asking if Dymock’s had the others in the set available on the shelf. I explained that being an “indie” (Independent author /publisher), my books, both in paperback and eBook versions, were only available to order on line unless I was contacted directly by Dymocks to bring them into the Indooroopilly shop on request from interested readers.  And of course these would have my personal signature included.   Once again it was great meeting and talking to those visitors to the Dymocks Bookshop and I am very much looking forward to hearing from those readers who wish to make comments on my email site after reading my books.

Until next time, Cheers for now,


Dymocks 19 Mar 2017

New Event at Dymock’s Bookshop – Indooroopilly

I am so pleased to be invited for another book signing day at Dymock’s Bookshop this Saturday 18th of March 2017 between 10.30 am and 3.00 pm. All my books in the Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy will be available for purchase for those who have been following the series. My books will be personally signed and for those readers who have recently heard about the space action/adventure, will now be able to meet the author in person.  I am looking forward to talking with those readers visiting Dymocks and to inform them about the direction the story maybe heading for the next book.  See you there,



Thoroughly Enjoyable

The other day I received some great feedback from one of my readers who has been following my Sentinels of Tzurac continuing space opera after reading the third book of the trilogy. I am elated to hear such positive feedback as it gives me a rewarding feeling to know that others have enjoyed the exciting action-packed story that I have so much enjoyed writing.  So I have included their appraisal under  the REVIEWS/TESTIMONIALS in the REVIEWS Menu drop-down.



More Accolades for Sentinels of Tzurac

California Gold

More good news. Last week I was elated to receive another international screenplay award from the California Film Awards 2016. Terra Major Under Threat received a Gold Award  in their Screenplay Competition category. This award, the fourth one since September last year (2016) will also appear in the next edition of the American Inktip Magazine which is distributed to over 35000 members in the film industry. This is another opportunity for  my screenplay to be considered  for a feature movie (or three) by an interested film maker. But, it is like trying to win the lottery with so many other writers in so many diverse genres competing for recognition. Still, as they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it and thankfully, with so much positive feedback I’m receiving from my supportive readers, it’s only a matter of time. And while I’m biding my time, I am still enjoying writing these exciting , action adventures. So please keep watching this space for more updates.




 Surprise ! Another Book signing Day at Angus & Robertson’s Bookshop, Brookside

Good news for those readers who were unable to see me last Sunday 11 December 2016. A & R have invited me back this Saturday 17 December 2016. Although I was surprised to hear the news today, I am looking forward to talking with those who will be visiting Brookside Shopping Centre to do the last of their Christmas shopping and perhaps peruse my now completed Sentinels of Tzurac sci-fi trilogy.  I look forward to your company,

Cheers for now


Successful Book Signing at Dymock’s Indooroopilly Saturday (10 December 2016)

Today marked two weeks remaining until Christmas Day for shoppers to try and finish their  gift shopping. The weather turned out perfect for the shops to fully embrace the boisterous bustling crowds. Families had also brought their excited small children along for them to sit upon the knee of their red-suited champion with the fluffy snow-white beard. Books for gifts still proved popular  and Dymock’s Bookshop entertained many of the crowd, a number being interested in purchasing books from my completed trilogy.  It was great talking to those readers who  stopped to chat and wanted my book personally signed. Those who sighted  the large poster on the wall of the dynamic cover of my third book asked when the movie would be coming out. My response was “Soon I hope!”

I wished to thank the Manager and staff at Dymocks for their support and assistance during this year and let them know how grateful I am for Dymock’s inviting me to do book signing of my books.

Merry Christmas,


Sunday at Angus & Robertson Brookside (11 December 2016)

The following day I attended my book signing at the A&R Bookshop at Brookside, Mitchelton. Again the weather turned out ideal for shoppers to venture out for their last minute Christmas shopping as well as bring their small ones to see Santa and ask for their favourite new toy to appear under the tree on the special day. Again, I met some very interesting readers, one of whom purchased all three books in the trilogy being an avid reader of sci-fi. Another dedicated reader of my books who had purchased the third book on its release last week on the shelf of A&R  Brookside and had returned  to have her copy signed by me, told me that she could not put the book down once she had started reading it.  Initially, not being a sci-fi reader, she again was enthralled with the twists and surprises within the plots as well as the believable characters. She is also looking forward to the movie. So thankfully, it turned out to be a successful book signing day as well as a chance to talk with visitors to the book shop.

I would also like to thank the manager and staff of the Angus & Robertson bookshop at Brookside for their great support and assistance in helping promote my books and allowing me to have book signing days there during this year.

Merry Christmas to all,


News for eBook Readers of Sentinels of Tzurac

Hi all,
For those who have been reading my sci-fi saga and enjoying the action adventures combined with the interactions of close relationships, I have just been informed that my newly released paperback- Retaliation- which completes the trilogy, is now also available to download as an eBook from Amazon Kindle, just in time to read over the Christmas break.
So I would like take this opportunity to wish all of you a joyous and safe Christmas and hope to hear from you in the new year.

Pop  bubbly and cast the streamers – Arrived ! Sentinels of Tzurac – Retaliation 

I would like to joyfully tell everyone my third book in the Sci-fi saga  has finally been published and is now available to my patient followers and potential readers. It is available on Amazon.com books and will soon be available to download as an eBook through Amazon Kindle, just in time for Christmas. The dynamic cover, I think, captures the essence and mood of the story to give a taste of the excitement as the reader turns the pages. I hope those  reading the action/adventure will find it as stimulating as I did when writing it, and worth the wait.



Book_Cover_Retaliation_Final RGB (c) removed

Retaliation,’ the third book in the ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ sci-fi trilogy, is the action-packed
finale, where the forces of good and evil struggle for the control of the Universe through
possession of the powerful resource Xytrinium. Some of the characters which the readers
loved or loathed from the previous two books reappear with more determination to succeed.
Surprisingly, an unexpected hero, trying to redeem himself and clear his conscience from his
past foolish mistakes, emerges in an attempt to help thwart the age-old enemy of the
‘Retaliation’ with its martial arts and space battles is sure to bring thrills and excitement to
those fans who enjoy science-fiction action and adventure

More Book Signing in December 2016

I am pleased to tell everyone that I have been invited to do more book signing in the early part of December. I will be at Dymocks Bookshop in the Indooroopilly shopping Centre on Saturday 10 December and  Angus & Roberson at Brookside  Shopping Centre, Mitchelton,  on Sunday 11 December. Hopefully my third book will be available just in time to have the complete Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy to all be  personally signed which would make a great Christmas gift. Look forward to meeting more readers and talking with you,

Cheers for now,


Sentinels of Tzurac – Book 3- Retaliation

The third book in the Trilogy of Sentinels of Tzurac is in the final stages of being published and hopefully will be available a number of weeks before Christmas. I will let everyone know as soon as it is ready by updating my website and Facebook.  Again, I apologise to my anticipating readers for the continuous delays, but I believe that perfection ( well, as close to) comes with patience and persistence and I would rather present the best the book can be, than disappoint my readers with an inferior, unpolished story. I also believe that this third book will be worth the wait due to its complex, conclusive yet exciting ending.



More Good News for Terra Major Under Threat ( Book 1) October 2016

World Series of Screenwriting 2016

Last week I was excited and elated to  receive another award, this one being from the 2016 World Series of Screenwriting Competition.  The adapted  screenplay for the Sentinels of Tzurac novel was one of the Official Finalists in the Sci-Fi category and for recognition of an outstanding screenplay, it was  awarded this Certificate. These awards all help to further highlight the high quality of the story and screenplay to interest potential filmmakers and producers considering making a feature movie (or movies) of the Sentinels of Tzurac action /adventure. I wait in anticipation for that phone call.

Cheers for now,

Book Signing at Angus & Robertson Brookside , Mitchelton October 2016

It was relatively quiet at Brookside Shopping centre on  Saturday 15th perhaps due to  the school children returning back to school after their school holidays. However, it was very busy at Angus & Robertson’s bookshop with avid readers visiting and stopping to talk to me.  I signed many copies of my books ( 1 & 2), for both young and old keenly  interested in my Sci-Fi action saga. Several saw the poster on the wall beside me for the cover of the third book in the trilogy showing ‘Coming Soon’  and asked when it would be available. After informing the readers that the final proof-read draft was being sent to the publisher this coming Monday and would be available, all going well, at the end of November /beginning of December, they asked when I would be here again at A&R for the book signing. I informed them to keep an eye out on my Website and Facebook for the announcements. So, I am now waiting anxiously to receive a hard covered proof- copy.

Please watch this space for further developments and updates on the Sentinels of Tzurac Trilogy,




Another Surprise in September

Today I received some more wonderful news. The Screenplay for  Sentinels of Tzurac – Terra Major Under Threat,  has been awarded a “Silver Winner ” award from the International Independent Film Awards in the Summer 2016 category. I have already started arranging for the second book in the trilogy – Zarkwin’s Revenge to be adapted into a feature screenplay. It’s looking even more positive for a future movie.



IIFA Silver Award

New Renaissance Film Festival – London 2016

Sentinels of Tzurac – Terra Major Under Threat

NRFF Merit Award London 2016

The screenplay adapted for my first sci-fi book was listed as one of the 10 finalists for the New Renaissance Film Festival for London 2016 and was given an “Award of Merit” on 20 August 2016. I hope it will attract the attention of international filmmakers in the near future as I would love to see the book and the other two in the trilogy – ‘Zarkwin’s Revenge’ and ‘Retaliation’ be made into action sci-fi films for those who have read my books and  enjoy this genre.  I will be seriously considering making screenplays for these in the very near future. My third book ‘Retaliation’ is in the final stage of proof reading and should soon be ready for publication. Watch this space,

Cheers for now


Interesting Book Signing Day at Dymock’s, Indooroopilly

Although the day was quiet, there were some interested readers who approached me to ask more about the series. What caught their attention was the poster displaying  the cover of my soon to be published  third book in the Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy. Some said it looked like  a great story for a movie, which of course I totally agreed. After reading the synopsis of my first book on the displayed revamped poster, a couple of readers purchased both books 1 & 2  and told me they will be looking out for the third book when it becomes available.

One young girl accompanied by her mother asked if she could have a photo taken with me which I was delighted to do. After having both my books personally signed,  she said she couldn’t wait to start reading them because they sounded so exciting. Another young boy asked me questions about ideas as he was in the process of drafting his almost finished comic book and about to start another. I told him I was very impressed with what he was doing and encouraged him to continue doing great work.

A very interesting lady approached me with her husband and asked if I was interested in registering for a new innovative network group of which she is in the process of developing for authors and those associated within the industry both nationally and internationally. Her idea is to help authors connect with others to promote their works on a free website and hold events to meet and exchange information.

So the day was eventful and very interesting and I must thank again, Dymock’s manager for the opportunity to be at their bookshop to meet and sign my books for those supporting readers who buy my books. And to also thank the staff who were very helpful on the day.

So until next time,





Saturday  Book Signing at Dymock’s, Indooroopilly

I am looking forward to another book signing event after being invited back to Dymock’s Bookshop at Indooroopilly this Saturday 9 July 2016. I enjoy meeting and talking with many of the readers who come to the bookshop and ask about my sci-fi trilogy. My third book which is in the final stage of editing,  will soon be published and I will be displaying the  exciting cover of the new book while I am there.  Those readers who have read and enjoyed my first two books in this sci-fi saga, will look forward to following the main  heroes and some of the villains who survived their last encounters and  I  am sure,  will  also enjoy the newcomers in the action adventure which culminates in the final  episode.

Very much look forward to seeing you there,




A Great Day at Angus & Robertson Bookshop

Although the morning’s activity  was quiet, the crowds of shoppers at Brookside began to increase around lunchtime with readers filing into Angus & Robertson’s. Many stopped to chat with me about my stories. One nice young lady returned to inform me she had purchased my first book in the proposed trilogy ( Terra Major Under Threat) from me last year to be given as a prize to the winner of a competition in the boys school where she teaches. The winner told her after reading my book he thoroughly enjoyed it.  I thanked her for making my day and told her my second book (Zarkwin’s Revenge) is now available and the third is in progress of  its final editing stages. She decided to purchase another Terra Major Under Threat as well as Zarkwin’s Revenge and have me personally sign them with a special message to the prospective winners.

Another interesting young lady with a bubbly personality came over to me and introduced her teenage son, James. He was very keen wanting to read my sci-fi books and informed me he was halfway through writing a sci-fi novel himself and offered to send me a copy when he had finished it.  I was in admiration of his achievement to date and very flattered by his offer. I told him I will anxiously await his publication and told him to keep up the good work. His mother decided to buy both my books to which James said he was going to start reading them immediately on his way home in the car.

Another interested young man suggested to make my space saga into a visual reality 3D video game to which I agreed would be a terrific idea. He gave me several leads for the companies who produce great games. I thanked him for his support and encouragement and told him I will endeavour to contact them.

All in all, the day turned out very successful and what made it even feel good was the help given to me by the staff, Josh, Andrew and Amy on the day in setting up the posters and table and offering their support. And a big thank you again to Leslie, the manageress of Angus & Robertson  for allowing me to do my book signing at the Brookside Bookshop. They have also given me a tentative booking for later in the year when my third book becomes available. So please watch this space for further updates.



Another Book signing at Angus & Robertson – Brookside, Mitchelton Qld.

This coming Saturday 18 June 2016, I am excited to  be at Angus & Robertson’s Brookside Bookshop to meet readers and sign more of my sci-fi saga, books 1 & 2 of the proposed trilogy Sentinels of Tzurac series.   I am looking forward to chatting with those who visit the bookshop about the action- packed story of what the future holds for Earth’s  continuing struggle against the dark forces, and the friendly alien race who have come to its aid. And talk about the third book in the series Retaliation which is in its final editing stage. So, please come and visit if you have the time and I will look forward to your company for the brief hours I am there between 10.30 am and 2.30. pm.

Cheers for now,


Great day at Dymocks Book Shop

It was a great day at Dymocks Bookshop at Indooroopilly on Saturday 9th of April. Many shoppers stopped by to look at the posters and ask about the story of the Sentinels of Tzurac. One of these shoppers was curious to know about how to have a book published as an indie author and how to launch it on Amazon as well as other websites for readers to enquire about purchasing in hard cover and as an eBook. I also told them that my first book was also made into an audio book and she could listen to the first chapter through a link on my website.  Another young person saw the potential in making my books into virtual reality 3D games and was keen to purchase books 1 and 2 in the series, and looking forward to the next in the trilogy. Letting readers know that Mother’s Day was coming soon in May prompted a reader to buy both my books and personally sign and address it to the name of his young wife. I am so grateful for the support I receive from those readers who like to see local authors become recognised. I am also thankful to be invited by Dymocks Bookshops to have a book signing day and for the staff being so helpful and supportive. For those who were unable to meet me at Indooroopilly, I will be having another book signing in June and will keep you posted for the day and time.

Cheers for now,


Book signing at Dymocks Book shop, Indooroopilly, Qld.

Hello everyone,

I must apologise for the late notice of my book signing at Dymocks Bookshop happening next Saturday 9th April at Indooroopilly Westfield Shopping Centre. I have been very busy trying to finish the editing on the third book “Retaliation” in the Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy which has turned out to be more complex than I thought. In order for this new book to stand alone but continue the saga, it has become a tedious task. Trying not to be too repetitive for those readers who have already read the last two in  the series, but to include the stories briefly in the final book to bring the new reader up to scratch. So I am asking those readers who have been patiently waiting for the final ending in the trilogy, to just bear with me a little longer. I believe it will be well worth the wait. In between editing I have been pursuing the film makers with constant submissions while working on a Sentinels of Tzurac prequel of how the two hundred year Grekadian War came about.

So, if you are out and about next Saturday and want to visit me at Indooroopilly to talk about my books and the coming third book, I’ll be there from 10.30 to 2.30 and would enjoy your company.  Just a reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up on the 8th of May and I think a present of a book with chocolates and flowers would make it even more memorable.

Hope to see you there,




Another Book Signing Day Brookside, Mitchelton, Qld. 

Due to the successful book signing day I had at Angus & Robertson’s just before Christmas Day, I have been asked to attend their bookshop again next Saturday, 23 January 2016. I hope my readers had a good Christmas and a safe beginning in the New Year. I am curious to know if anyone made some New Year’s Resolutions, like catch up on more book reading.  I’ll be there starting at 10.30 am and look forward to meeting my readers, as well as more people who enjoy sci-fi stories. I will be talking more about my new drafted sequel, Retaliation, which is nearing publication, as well as the previous books in the Sentinel series. So if anyone was unable to see me last year, I will be there at Brookside for most of Saturday and will enjoy meeting you.




Successful Day at Brookside


Sunday turned out to be very busy with late Christmas shoppers dashing  and darting between stores most of the day. Books seemed to be favourite gifts, and it brought many readers into the Angus & Robertson bookshop. It was great chatting with those who stopped by my table, some purchasing one, if not two copies, of  books one and two of the Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy. Others were keen to know when the third book in the series will be available. I informed them the finished draft is still being edited, but the final publication should be out in January or February 2016. Some of the visitors collected my business card so they could review my website and read the first chapter of my first book. I want to praise the staff at Brookside for their support and assistance in setting up the displays and table for my book signing. For those who did not have the opportunity of getting to Brookside on the day, I have been invited to return to the Angus & Robertson bookshop next year for another book signing. Well, I wish my readers a very joyous Christmas and a safe and happy new year and look forward to meeting my readers again.




Sunday Book Signing at Brookside

Angus & Robertson at Brookside Shopping Centre, Mitchelton,  have kindly invited me to be at their bookshop  on Sunday 13th December, for another book signing on the second last weekend for gift shopping  before Christmas Day . I will have copies of my two action-thriller sci-fi novels in the ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ series available for a personal signing. Hopefully, by the time these have been read by your friends and family members, after receiving them for their Christmas presents, my  third book in the sequel, ‘Retaliation’ will be on sale early in the new year (2016).

I am looking forward to seeing new readers at the bookshop, and hopefully, meet again, my previous followers to wish all of them a joyous Christmas, as well as a happy and safe new year. And to give them an in-sight to the new action-packed, continuing saga, containing the heroes, and some of the villains, from the previous adventures. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the rest of the week,

Cheers for now,



Adorable Adelaide in September (2015) 

I have just returned from a lovely week’s stay in Adelaide, SA, where the weather was great, cool nights and clear, blue-skied, sunny warm days. Having not seen the city and beaches there for twenty years, I was amazed at how they had grown. On the beach at Glenelg, the old pub on the corner where we were once entertained with free live jam sessions on lazy Sundays sipping beers and wines, has disappeared, and all along the beach-front are ultra-modern, neutral-toned high rise apartments, with beautiful green lawns where the locals and visitors sun-bake, kick balls, chase seagulls, and lick coloured ice-creams. Along the white, sandy-beach shoreline, a wide  paved esplanade stretches across the huge sheltered bay, where people ride their bikes and tandems and walk all varieties of dogs, while trying to dodge the numerous joggers and pram strollers. Jetty Road is the main street in the  town and continues to run the only heritage tram line for commuters travelling back and forth to the City. Alfresco cafes and restaurants in abundance populate the main thoroughfare amongst the wide assortment of boutiques and commercial shops surrounding the original and  beautiful Town Hall.

While I was there, I called into Dymocks Bookshop with a couple of my books and spoke to the helpful assistants and the Manager. They were interested in stocking my Sci-Fi novels on their shelves and requested more copies as soon as I returned to Brisbane, which I am so grateful for their support. So, after experiencing the travel to the City on the new tram, and visiting all the wonderful historical sandstone buildings and great bronzed statues, as well as the extraordinary Botanic Gardens, I called into the Rundle Street Dymocks Bookshop.  Again the staff were so helpful and the Manageress/owner seemed pleased to meet me and view my novels. I was excited when she asked for more of my books to be placed on their shelves. Hopefully the word will spread for more readers in South Australia to enjoy my Sci-fi saga. Well, it’s back to continue  writing  the draft of the third book “Retaliation”(which is sounding great) ,

Cheers for now,



More Book Signing at Angus and Robertson – Brookside – 12 September 2015

I have been invited to Angus & Robertson bookshop at Brookside Shopping Centre to do more book-signing for my Sci-Fi novels- Sentinels of Tzurac- ‘Terra Major Under Threat’ and my new sequel- ‘Zarkwin’s Revenge’  published in January this year, which I am very much looking forward to. I find that some of the readers have very interesting stories to tell me and I enjoy meeting people with colourful backgrounds. I am also keen to tell readers about the new book in the trilogy which is currently being drafted. Most of my readers who have given feed back to me have said they would love to see this saga as a movie  and I am endeavouring to pursue this goal. So, I hope to see you there to have a chat,



Book signing last Saturday at Dymocks Bookshop

Saturday the 26th of July turned out surprisingly to be very successful, personally signing many copies of my first book and the sequel. The readers I spoke to had some very interesting stories to relate. One young lady is studying creative writing, another young man, James, who had read my first book “Terra Major Under Threat,” came back to purchase the sequel “Zarkwin’s Revenge” as he enjoyed it so much. He informed me that wants to be a creative writer as well as use his scientific mind in his chosen career. I wished him well and suggested that he could apply both in his writing. Another young lady, Sharma, who has collected nearly every sci-fi book and DVD since her teenager hood was keen to read my first book and will be back to purchase a copy of my sequel if she likes the saga. I informed her that the third book is in the process of being drafted. Another pleasant lady purchased my first book and will be approaching her school librarian to request that they order the sci-fi saga to keep in the library for referencing when they hold their Sci-Fi month during the year. Another kind mother of three, Stephanie, purchased copies of my two books and requested that I sign the first one personally addressed to her husband for his birthday and the other addressed to her. It was another enjoyable book signing day of meeting my readers. I was very thankful to the manager of Dymock’s for inviting me to their Bookshop once more and to be supported by the helpful and cheerful staff.
Cheers for now,

Book signing  at Dymocks and Angus & Robertson for July and September 2015

Hello everyone!

Good news for those readers who were unable to obtain a signed copy of my two sci-fi novels at the other times and places previously attended by me. With the cold weather upon us and the icy Antarctic winds howling, it is nice to curl up to enjoy a good book and a hot brew in a nice cosy warm room.This month I will be at Dymocks Bookshop at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre next Saturday 25th  and at the Angus & Robertson Bookshop Post Office Square Brisbane at lunchtime on the 30th. If you are unable to make it on these scheduled dates there is another opportunity to catch up at Angus & Robertson Bookshop at Brookside Shopping Centre on Saturday September 12th. Father’s Day is soon approaching and books, especially those personally signed by the author, are  a long lasting gift they will always cherish. I look forward to seeing and meeting those who will be visiting these bookshops during these months.

Cheers for now,


More Book Signing at Angus and Robertson Post Office Square, Brisbane

Although it was a typical overcast June winters day’on Thursday 25, 2015 , the lunch time shoppers still ventured out of their offices for a hot meal and a browse. I managed to talk to a couple of interesting readers. One of these was a lovely French lady who is a published  author and has written about her fascinating walking journey through the continents of the world titled “Boots to Bliss.” Others I spoke to were very interested in my Sci-fi adventure thriller and the characters  contained within them. They were delighted to have  their own  personally signed  copies of both my books of which I kindly asked for feedback after they have read these. Angus and Robertson  have also invited me back again for another book signing at the end of July and I will enjoy meeting more interesting readers who visit the bookshop.

Cheers for now ,

James Raven

Small A&R PO Square

Another great day at Angus & Robertson Book store Post Office Square, Brisbane

I was grateful again to be invited to another lunchtime book signing in Brisbane City on 14 May 2015. The weather was perfect and lunchtime shoppers had come out of their offices to enjoy the warmth and goodness of the sun, while  hurriedly completing their errands eating lunch on the run. I was pleased to talk with those that had spared the time to browse the new releases and even purchase more of my Sentinels of Tzurac collection, particularly my first book in the proposed trilogy. Some of the readers also purchased my newly released sequel, “Zarkwin’s Revenge” to have the book personally autographed. The Manageress of The Post Office Square Bookshop again gave me a warm welcome and great support. She has kindly asked for me to return again on June 25 and I will look forward to meeting and chatting to more of the readers who visit the shop.

Cheers for now,


Great book-signing day at Dymocks

Saturday at Indooroopilly, the day before Mother’s Day, was quite busy with last minute shoppers buying their gifts for that special annual occasion to show their mothers and wives well deserved thanks and appreciation. Some of the shoppers made their way to Dymocks Bookshop to buy books as presents and I was fortunate to meet and chat with many of them.  The readers took a keen interest in  my Sentinels of Tzurac books one and two.  They were also looking forward  to seeing  the movie when it is  produced after viewing the CGI posters  of the Sentinel characters and spacecraft  displayed on Dymocks Shop window. I am looking forward to the next time I am invited to do some more book-signing and would like to again thank the wonderful staff at Dymocks Bookshop, Indooroopilly, for their assistance and support in helping me to promote my books. If any readers missed me on Saturday, I will be at Angus & Robertson’s Bookshop at Post Office Square Brisbane City on Thursday Lunchtime this week  (14  May) for more book-signing.

Cheers for now,



Booksigning at Dymocks Indooroopilly, 9 May 2015 and Angus & Robertson, Post Office Square, Brisbane on 14 May 2015 

I am excited and thankful to be invited again for a book signing next Saturday between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm at Dymocks  Bookshop in the Indooroopilly Shopping Mall and at Angus &; Robertson’s bookshop, Brisbane City,Thursday 14 May between noon and 2.00pm. I will have available  my first sci-fi book, ‘Terra Major Under Threat’ and the January 2015 newly released  sequel  ‘Zarkwin’s Revenge’ available for those readers interested in science fiction written in the spirit of Star Trek and Star Wars. The feebback I have received from my readers regarding the ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ series has  enticed me to create a third book in a proposed trilogy of which I have commenced drafting. I agree with my readers that it would be great to see a movie of this great space odessy and I am pursuing movie producers to take an  interest in this exciting action/thriller story.  As Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, my personally signed books may make an ideal gift which could be kept  and displayed on the bookshelf at home  to be read later by others in the family.  In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy Mothers Day and I look forward to seeing my readers.



Another Favourable Testimonial

Under the “Reviews” tab I have listed a  new testimonial from one of my readers who has just finished reading my Books 1 & 2 and has thoroughly enjoyed the plots, the characters and the excitement as the Sentinels of Tzurac saga unfolds.The reader is looking forward to the third book in the trilogy.  I very much appreciate the support and  feed back from my readers and take their comments  very seriously. These comments not only help to improve my writing, but encourages me to pursue what I really  enjoy and to share with others that enjoyment.   If you have the time, please read the testimonials  and please feel free to  submit your comments after reading my books.



 Booksigning at Angus & Robertson Post Office Square 19 March 2015

Being at Post Office Square Brisbane  during a busy Thursday lunch hour is most enlightening-city  workers rushing about, either carrying or  eating their take away meals on the run, trying to complete their errands in limited time, only to have to rush back to their  daily grind in the offices for the rest of the day. They don’t really have time to thoroughly browse the  new releases or spend time talking to guest authors. But it was nice for some of the readers to shed a few minutes listening to a brief synopsis of  my sci- fi saga and how it is progressing. I am thankful to several of those who purchased my novels and have me personally sign their copies. I would also like to thank the Manager of the Angus and Roberston Post Office Square Bookshop for her friendly support in allowing me the time and space to sign my books for those interested readers. I am  looking forward to seeing more of my readers the next time I am there in May this year.

Cheers for now, James.

PO Square 2015

PO Office Square March 2015

Interesting  Booksigning Day at Brookside 14.03.2015

On Saturday I was delighted to meet some of my readers who took a keen interest in the new sequel. Although the cheerful staff at A & R informed me that it was an unusually quiet morning, several readers had asked me to sign their copies of  my books and asked when the third book in the ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’  trilogy will become available. I informed them that I have commenced writing the draft and will keep them posted on my website  of the progress. I would like to thank again the  staff at the  Brookside A&R bookshop for their assistance and in making me feel welcome. I look forward to the next time of being there for more booksigning.

Cheers, James



Book Signing Angus & Robertson Brookside 14 March 2015

I am very excited to be invited for  another booksigning at Angus & Robertson’s Brookside bookshop Mitchelton this Saturday 14 March between 10.00am and 2.00pm, to launch my new sequel, Zarkwin’s Revenge. Some readers who have already read the book have given positive comments, saying that it is even more exciting than the the first book with more action and an interesting plot. One Amazon reader has already given the book a 4 out of 5 star rating and is waitng anxiously for the release of the third book in the trilogy and the movie. Here is what the reader said:

“Great stand alone novel. Terrific as a second book in the trilogy. Enjoyed the characters, their flaws, their strengths, the relationships. Wanted to keep reading to see how the characters reacted to the problems they faced. Would love to see this as a film. Hope the third book comes soon.”

I will also be  bringing large posters of the Zarkwin’s Revenge cover for those  wanting to purchase.

I look forward to seeing and meeting my readers. I will also be attending another booksigning at the  Angus & Robertson’s city Bookstore in Post Office Square on Thursday the 19th of March between 12.00 and 2.00pm if you are unable to see me this coming Saturday.

Cheers for now,


Bookshops for new sequel Zarkwin’s Revenge

Since the release of the sequel, Zarkwin’s Revenge, Angus& Robertson at Brookside Shopping Centre Mitchelton and Post Office Square in Brisbane City have placed copies on their shelves already and have pencilled in their calendars for me to undertake personal booksigning for my readers. I will be at the Brookside bookshop on March 14 and Post Office Square 23 April 2015. I look forward to seeing and talking to those interested in reading my books. Dymocks bookshop at Indooroopilly have also placed copies of my sequel on their shelves. I am also keen to see what reviews & ratings my readers will give to the new book. Will keep you all posted of future developments and I thank all of you for the support and encouragement you have shown me in the past. Cheers for now and may the ancient spirits guide and protect you,


Just Released New eBook  for Zarkwin’s Revenge

The eBook has just been released on Australia Day 2015 for my sequel Zarkwin’s Revenge which gives the readers a taste of the exciting saga in the Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy with the first  three chapters.  The eBook can be downloaded from Amazon.com and Kindle (KDP)  and the ‘Inside Look’ has the chapters listed for this 290 page sci-fi action adventure. I’m sure the readers will find this second book as exciting as the first. I look forward to hearing your comments and ratings which will help me towards  making  the third book in the trilogy as exciting and that I have already commenced writing.

Cheers for now,

James Raven Australian author.


New Release Sequel – Sentinels of Tzurac – Zarkwin’s Revenge


Hi all, I am excited to tell everyone that the long awaited sequel Zarkwin’s Revenge has now been published in paperback and is already available through Amazon.com. The eBook version is to be released closer to 26 January 2015. Here is what the cover  says,

“Kyron knows that he’s hated by his nemeses, but he doesn’t yet know that he’s hunted by them. Thanks to Kyron, it’s been five peaceful years since Jackson and Khaneera were sentenced to life in prison for their crimes against the Federation. The reserves of the valuable resource Xytrinium are stockpiling safely on Earth, and the planet’s future is slowly beginning to brighten. But unbeknownst to Kyron or the Federation, Jackson and Khaneera have escaped and are launching an even more daring attack than before – with Kyron’s assassination as one of their key objectives. With a surefire way to destroy the Sentinels running through their veins, the rebel forces already taste victory… A riveting continuation of Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy, Zarkwin’s Revenge will have you reveling once again in the lives, loves, fears, and moral quandaries of James Raven’s frighteningly believable, not- so- distant future .”

Another Great Book Signing Day at Angus & Robertson, Brookside

Hi everyone,

In spite of the G20  event happening on the same day and the extreme temperature on the Saturday. it was great to meet more readers who turned up at the Angus & Robertson Bookshop at Brookside Mitchelton. It was an ideal opportunity for those shoppers to escape the heat in the air conditioned shopping centre and look for early Christmas gifts. Some of those readers who purchased my book were buying a present for loved ones  and others were keen to support a local author who had an action sci-fi story to tell. All were interested in hearing about the sequel ‘Zarkwin’s Revenge’ to be released at Christmas. Others I talked to would be attending the SuperNova at the Exhibition Centre  on 28th, 29th and 30 November 2014 and that I would be there to greet them at my stall  (A79).  Again, the staff at Angus & Robertson were so helpful and supportive and I am very thankful for them allowing  me the opportunity to introduce readers to my sci-fi novel. I look forward to the next time for book signing when my second book in the trilogy will be on sale.

Cheers for now,

James Raven

Another Book Signing at Angus & Robertson, Brookside

Hi all,
Just wanted to remind everyone that I will be at Angus & Roberson Bookshop in the Brookside Shopping centre on Saturday 15 November 2014 for book-signing and to talk to readers about the new sequel soon to be published. I will also have new large cover posters of the sequel for those interested in purchasing this colourful action-packed memento. I look forward to meeting those readers coming to the bookshop.
James Raven- Author

Logan North Library Sci-Fi Day

Today, 30 August 2014, I and a number of other authors relating to the Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy, were invited  to attend the Logan North Library end- of -Sci -Fi  Month  to give a half hour talk to the interested public. The event is held every year and allows attendees to dress up as their favourite sci-fi/sci fantasy characters, look at the wonderful displays, talk to participants and have photos taken with these colorfully attired characters, buy books of that genre and enjoy the sausage sizzle. I was excited to be involved and to also talk to the wonderful library staff who did an absolutely sterling job of organizing, setting up the great displays  and assisting everyone to help them enjoy the day. I was grateful to meet a lot of local authors who shared their experiences of being a writer and having their books published. Some of these authors will be attending the SuperNova in Brisbane on 28,29 and 30 November and I look forward to meeting up with them again when I attend the event as an author selling my books. Below I manage to capture a few photos of today’s event. I would like to thank the library staff for the opportunity and hopefully will be invited to attend again next year.

Darth Vader small Star wars  and Darlek small Storm Trooper small


Local Author

A few days ago a new customer contacted us – he wanted to get some bookmarks printed, and came in to see me. As an avid reader myself I was intrigued to learn that James has published a book, is now writing the second book of a trilogy, and will be using the bookmarks to advertise this new book.
His books are science fiction, with a lot of action, and I couldn’t resist buying one even though I don’t read a lot of Sci Fi.
Called ‘Sentinels of Tzurac,’ it incorporates issues that are happening to our planet now; blending them into an earth of the future, and introducing the Sentinels, whose function it is to maintain peace and stability on all the planets. It’s a real action story of murder, intrigue and revenge.
James has left another copy of his book with me if anyone is interested in purchasing it, and he has a website: www.jamesraven.com.au
All of us at Technoscan wish James the very best for his writing career.


Hi James, I met you at your book signing at Brookside on 12 July, where I bought your new book. I had told you that I had not heard of you but after reading a sample chapter from your book I had to get it. Well I must tell you that I have become a fan. I didn’t want to put it down, it kept me enthralled all the way through the story.  I cannot wait till the sequel comes out. One thing I like is an author who gets me in at the start of the book and keeps me on the edge of my seat till the end, and you certainly did that.
Keep up the good work.
Your new fan, G.H. Brisbane Qld.

Successful Book Signing at Brookside 12 July 2014

I would like to thank all those readers who purchased  copies of my book on Saturday and I do appreciate the support you have given to me. I would also like to thank those who had purchased my book from previous book signings who gave me positive feedback while they were visiting the shopping centre and encouraged me to continue writing and publishing  more sequels. I enjoyed talking to all those who conversed as they were so very interesting. And I would like to thank the staff at Angus & Robertson for their friendliness and support in  inviting me back for more book signing. “Zarkwin’s Revenge” will soon be available and I will certainly let my readers know when and where they will be able to obtain a copy. Thank you again,

James Raven

For those who are following the Sentinels of Tzurac trilogy, I thought I would show you what the Bladers’ space crafts look like.


Book signing Angus & Robertson Brookside Mitchelton – 12 July 2014

I am pleased to be invited back again for another book signing day on Saturday 12th of July at Brookside Shopping Centre. I hope to meet more interesting readers and tell them about my up and coming sequel and the Supanova I’ll be attending in November at the Exhibition and Convention Centre in November. Look forward to seeing you,


James Raven

Successful Book signing at Angus & Robertson- Brookside

Saturday at Brookside Angus & Robertson Book shop was another successful day an I just wanted to gratefully thank all those supporting readers  who chose my book to purchase and to the staff at Angus & Robertson who continued to be very helpful and supportive. The readers also wanted to know more about my sequel and wished me good fortune in my endeavors to have a movie made for the book. I invited them to send me feedback after they have finished reading the book and I look forward to receiving this in the near future. I also want to let others know that I will be attending a stall at the Supernova  Pop Culture Expo at the  Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre in November  this year (2014) and hope to see you all there for those interested in sci-fi /fantasy. I will hopefully have the sequel available by then.

Cheers for now

James Raven

Book signing Angus & Robertson Brookside Mitchelton – 31.05.2014

Just to let you know that I will be having another book signing event at Angus & Robertson on Saturday 31 May 2014 at Brookside shopping centre. Hope to meet and talk with more interesting readers and also tell them about the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in November 2014 at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre which I will be attending as an exhibitor at one of the stalls in Artist Alley.

Hope to see you there,


James Raven

Book signing Dymocks, Chermside

I will be having another book signing at Dymocks Chermside this Saturday 29 March 2014 for those who were unable to attend the last one at Indooroopilly. I am looking forward to meeting more of the public and potential readers to talk about my first book in the trilogy series of ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ and the newly drafted second book to be published soon. Hope you can make it,


James Raven

Book signing Dymocks Indooroopilly

This Saturday (08/03/2014) brought another exciting and successful day with many readers buying my book, “Sentinels of Tzurac” who were also keen to learn about my soon to be released sequel “Zarkwin’s Revenge.” I met a young novice writer who asked advice on using a pen name, whether to self publish or seek a traditional book publisher and how to market her new potential book. There were others who asked about  my realistic action CGI’s (Computer Generated Images ) for the potential movie. I wanted to again thank those readers who supported me as a local author and wished me success in my writing career. I also wanted to thank the staff at Dymocks for their help and for the manager who allowed me to have another book signing at their bookshop. For those of you who missed the book signing at Indooroopilly, I will be at the other Dymocks book shop at Chermside on Saturday 29/03/2014 for book signing and hope to meet more interesting readers. Cheers for now
James Raven

Successful Book Signing at Angus & Robertson

Saturday morning at Angus & Robertson turned out to be quite successful. Readers who purchased my book were interested in the new sequel soon to be published and the potential film after seeing my posters of the CGI’s (computer generated images) of the Sentinels , their alien space craft and NY City 2055. I met some other writers who stopped by to talk about their newly written works  in other genres and keen to find out more about self publishing. I want to also thank Angus & Robertson staff  for inviting me again to their Bookshop at Brookside and for their friendly and helpful support they gave me, as well as stocking more copies of my book. Again, I want to thank those readers who purchased a personally signed copy of my book and who  support local authors.


James Raven

More Book Signing- Dymocks Indooroopilly

For those of you who may not be able to make it to the Angus & Robertson Book shop at Brookside Shopping Centre this Saturday, I am pleased and thankful to be signing my book at Dymocks Book shop Indooroopilly Shopping Complex next Saturday 8th of March 2014. Look forward to meeting more of my potential readers to also talk about my up and coming sequel ‘Zarkwin’s Revenge’.
James Raven

Book Signing -Brookside Angus and Robertson

I have received another invitation for a book signing morning at Angus and Robertson Bookshop, Brookside Shopping Centre, Mitchelton on Saturday 1st of March 2014, starting at 10.00 am. I look forward to meeting more potential readers for my ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ series which has been given a new cover for the Australian market and to share a little more information for my soon to be published sequel ‘Zarkwin’s Revenge’. Hope you can make it,

Book signing – Indooroopilly Dymocks

It was a very successful day last Saturday at Dymocks with readers attending Dymocks who stopped and talked about my book and the proposed sequel. They were also interested in the futuristic posters of the Sentinels and their space craft for the potential movie. I thank those who purchased a copy of my book and look forward to hearing the comments from those supportive readers. I hope the adventure excites them enough to read the sequel. I would like to thank the helpful and friendly staff at Dymocks who  also brightened my day.

Dymocks Booksigning 11.01.2014 002 small


Proposed book signing – Indooroopilly Dymocks

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas break and the new year has started safe and well. Just letting everyone know that I have been invited to have another book signing day on Saturday 11 January from 10.30am to 2.00pm at Dymocks Bookshop Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. I look forward to seeing you there and maybe give a little insight into the drafted sequel “Zarkwin’s Revenge” which will hopefully be published soon.



Successful Book Signing at Angus & Robertson – Brookside

Last night’s book signing  at Angus & Robertson for late night shoppers on Thursday was quite successful in spite of the rain. Many people were not deterred by the inclement weather and were out shopping for their Xmas gifts. Again I met some really interesting readers and had discussions with some of the new aspiring authors about their writing and how to have their works published. The manager and staff at the Brookside Bookshop were very supportive as well as, always, very friendly to me. The team was exuberant in their  Xmas spirit  towards their readers. My next book signing will be on January 11 next year at  Dymocks book shop,  Indooroopilly. Mitchelton and I hope to see you there. In the meantime, I wish you all  a very joyous Xmas and a prosperous new year and thank you all for the support you have given to me this year.



Workshop at Qld Writers Centre, Qld State Library

Last Sunday, I attended a one day intensive workshop presented by the published Author , Peter Ball. The workshop related to submitting our manuscripts to publishers with an introduction letter and a synopsis of the story. The class of 17 attendees contained a variety of aspiring writers at various stages  of their manuscript developments and contained so much information. I enjoyed meeting these new writers and learn of their experiences in this field of creative writing and hope to catch up with them in the near future. Peter was very entertaining and offered help whenever we needed guidance and direction in our endeavors.



More Book Signing

A very successful and interesting book signing day at Dymocks Chermside this Saturday 16 November. Met a couple of aspiring writers who asked about how to self publish books, how I started my writing career and where did I derive my ideas. Some readers were very interested in the posters I presented for the potential movie of what the Sentinels looked like, the Class 10 Destroyer space craft they flew and NY City 2055. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting those to talked to me and who took an interest in my story.  I informed them that I have just completed the first draft in the sequel of the Sentinels of Tzurac titled- ‘Zarkwin’s Revenge’ and hope to publish this early in the new year as the second book in the trilogy.



Successful Book Signing at Angus & Robertson

The Saturday book signing at Angus & Robertson at Brookside  was exciting and successful. Many of the readers were interested in my background and what started my writing career. They  were also keen to view the action Computer Generated Images (CGI’s) on the posters depicting the Sentinels, their Destroyer Class 10 space craft and NY City 2055 for the potential movie. The staff were once again very helpful and supportive in setting up the display and making me feel welcome.

Angus & Robertson Brookside 004 resized

Book signing at Angus & Robertson October/November 2013

I will be holding another book signing event at the Angus & Robertson Book shop,  Westfield Brookside shopping centre Mitchelton,  this Saturday morning 26 October 2013 from 10.30am to 1.30 pm. I hope to see you there to purchase a personally signed copy either for yourself or as a Christmas gift for one of the family or a friend. If you are unable to make it to Brookside on Saturday, I will be at the Angus & Robertson Book shop at Post Office Square Brisbane on  Melbourne Cup Day Tuesday  5 November over the lunchtime period. I look forward  to meeting my readers in person.

More eBook sites for ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’

The good news this week (11 October 2013)  is  that my eBook has been distributed to Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple (Itunes) and Diesel to download on those digital readers having various programs.

New eBook site for ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’

I am excited to now have my eBook version available on Smashwords as of 23.09.2013 for downloading to most eBook pads and pods for a very inexpensive price and with further minor editing it will soon be available on other distribution sites. The eBook cover also has the new look.

Another exciting Book Signing

Another successful event was held on Saturday 21 September 2013 in Dymocks Bookshop,  Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Qld. I met more very interesting  readers who  asked me to sign copies my book with personal messages. Quite a few  wanted to know where to obtain my eBook version which at this stage can only be down-loaded from KDP Kindle. But I am endeavoring to have them available on other eBook websites shortly  for downloads on other electronic devices. Others were keen to download the audio-book version from Audible.com. Several of my business cards were handed out on request so readers could access my website.  I would like to thank the Manager of Dymocks Indooroopilly Bookshop for inviting me to hold the book signing and to also thank all the staff for their  helpful assistance and warm welcome. More copies of  ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ are available on the shelf, keeping in mind Christmas is soon approaching  and I may be invited back again before the end of the year to personally sign more  copies of my book.

Dymocks Book Signing (small)

September (2013) Developments

This month has brought some more activity in the life of James Raven. First of all the Australian Print-on-Demand version has been given a new cover and can now be printed for agents and bookshops through Lightening Source in Australia and with Ingram in other countries including England, Germany, France, New Zealand  just to name a few. So for readers  living overseas, they now have the convenience of ordering through their local book shop reducing  time and delivery costs.   Here is what the new cover looks like :

New cover small

Secondly, I am excited to have been invited to attend more book signing activities in Qld. I will be appearing at Dymocks Book shop at Indooroopilly on Saturday 21 st of September from 10.00 am. Then Mary Ryan’s Bookshop at Milton on the 28th of September at 11.00am. Angus and Robertson Brookside on 26 October at 10.00am and at the Angus and Robertson  Post Office Square Book shop in Brisbane on Friday 8 November. I look forward to seeing you there and meeting some of my supportive readers.

Thirdly, I am halfway through drafting the sequel of Sentinels of Tzurac – Zarkwin’s Revenge and it is looking very exciting,though I could be a little bias.

Potential Movie Update – 22 Aug 2013

The Australian film producer has been visiting Los Angeles, USA last week and talking to those in the film industry about the potential of my book for a movie. To give them a visual idea of the Sentinels, the type of space craft they use and futuristic NY 2055 he showed them some of my graphic designer’s Computer Generated Images (CGI’s) of which they seemed very impressed. Here’s what some of them look like;

Destroyer Class 10  final small Female_Sentinel1 (small) Sentinel1 small Sentinel2 (Small) Sentinel3 (small) Tzurac_city_final (small)

Quirindi High School Book Week – July Aug 2013

 Last week I was invited to the Quirindi High School as the ‘Celebrity Author’ to be a part of their Book Week celebrations. The theme entitled “Reading Across the Universe” encouraged students from year 8 through 11 to read more on different genres and gave them the opportunity to listen to how stories are developed through creative writing techniques. My goal was to inspire creativity in students, sharing my story about how I had written and published Sentinels of Tzurac. Students saw my book, a copy of which was donated to the school library. They listened to my audio book and saw some examples of computer graphic imagery developed for a possible movie. I encouraged students to read widely choosing books written by different authors. Undertaking this interest they would learn to identify and apply creative writing techniques bringing their essays and assignments to life, making their readers, including their teachers and lecturers in the future, more interested and ideally leading to higher grades.                      

The following link shows interviews by the Tamworth television news at the Quirindi High School Book Week.


 The local community news paper also published the Book Week event.

Staff Scan_000895 Quirindi Advocate

Book Availability

My book is available to buy through many on- line bookshops which you can view when Googling ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ however to save time in searching here is the direct link to Booktopia :


Book Sequel and Potential Movie – 14 July 2013

This is an update for those readers who kindly gave my new book  review s/ratings on the Amazon .com book site and for those other readers who have supported my writing.  A sequel is now in the process of being drafted titled “Zarkwin’s Revenge” and I will keep interested readers informed of its progress. The other exciting news is that an Australian film producer has recently shown interest in the action sci-fi story and is currently reviewing the book and the script for a potential movie and I will also keep those interested of its progress.

Book Launch of “Books from Our Backyard”

On Tuesday 2nd July 2013  at the Queensland State Library, the Queensland Writers Centre (QWC)  officially launched ‘Books from Our Backyard’ of books written and published in 2012  by approximately 178 authors (myself included) from Queensland. All these books were on display and listed in the 16 page catalogue available to invited authors and their guests, honoured guest speakers including QWC CEO Meg Vann, QWC Chair Kevin Gillespie, Queensland author Kari Gislason, State Library of Queensland Director of Regional Access and Public Libraries Jane Cowell, the Hon. Ian Walker MP Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts as well as publishers, representatives from bookshops and specific Brisbane City Council members. The audience was treated to speeches of support and gratitude for the hard work and great efforts of those involved in the literary world and gave those in attendance the opportunity to mix, meet and exchange interesting stories about their recognised achievements over light refreshments.

Books from our Backyard Launch QWC 002 Books from our Backyard Launch QWC 001 Books from our Backyard Launch QWC 005


Book Signing

A successful event on Saturday 29 June 2013 at Brookside”s Shopping Centre Mitchelton Qld in Angus and Robertson’s Bookshop. I met some very interesting  readers who  asked me to sign a copy my book for them. Some were celebrating their birthdays. Others wanted to know where to obtain my eBook version and others keen to download the audio-book version. My business cards were available with my added website and several of these were handed out on request. I would like to thank the Assistant Manager of the Brookside Angus and Robertson Bookshop for inviting me to hold the book signing and to also thank all the staff for their  assistance and warm welcome. More copies of  ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ are available on the shelf, keeping in mind Father’s Day is soon approaching  and I have been invited back again for another 2 signing events on July 13 and September 14.

Brookside Book Signing 002

Article from interview in the Qld Quest News 13 June 2013
Scan- PDF small
Book availability

“Sentinels of Tzurac” paperback is also  now available at Dymocks  Bookshop , Indooroopilly Shopping Centre , Qld

Good news,
Another 4 eBook versions of my book have been purchased in May and in June from Kindle Book Publishers.
Also, Queensland Writers Centre is promoting books for those Qld authors who published their books in 2012 (mine included) and the Hon. Ian Walker, Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts will be launching QWC’s “Books from our Backyard” at the Qld State Library on the night of 2 July 2013.

Book Signing -

An exciting Saturday morning of the 22 June 2013 signing my books at Mary Ryan’s Bookshop Milton, Qld. Meeting lots of interesting people and staying  for a lovely lunch at the shop afterwards.

Mary Ryan Book Signing 002

I have been invited to attend a personal book signing  at Mary Ryan’s Bookshop at Milton Qld on Saturday 22 June 2013 between 11.30am and 1.30 pm.  Look forward to meeting visitors on the day.

To those who may be interested, I have been invited to attend two Angus & Robertson bookshops in Brisbane, Qld to do personal book signing for those who will be purchasing my new novel. The first attendance will be on 24 May 2013 between midday and 2.00 pm at the Post Office Square bookshop in Adelaide street, City and the other attendance will be on 29 June 2013 at the Brookside Westfield Shopping Centre in Mitchelton between 10.30 am and 2.00pm. I am excitedly looking forward to meeting and talking to some of my readers and discussing aspects of the story and for readers to get to know about the characters in more detail.

You Tube link to Video Book Trailer -http://www.youtube.com/results?

<strong>My Author's page on Amazon</strong> – https://www.amazon.com/author/jamesraven

download sample chapter

Interview with Audio Book Producers




 An introduction to James Raven – author of Sentinels of Tzurac

As a young boy growing up in an era of pre-television with only the radio to listen to on Sunday mornings, my brother and I would entertain ourselves with the classic comics by Marvel and other companies. It was here that I discovered my passion for heroes of the future, Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash, The Phantom, Thor, The Shadow. I read the super sized comics over and over again until they started to fall apart and I was always pretending that I could fly and jump off tall buildings. That was until I came face to face with reality one unlucky afternoon while sailing off the next door neighbour’s roof. I landed with a shocking thud on the hard surface of the ground below. Even this didn’t deter me from believing in my heroes and in a world where good always overcomes evil.

As I grew older and conditioned into being a responsible adult I had to curtail my vivid imagination and suppress my creativity. Performing my public service duties I had to write unemotional, factual reports and submissions. In my own time, after hours and on week-ends, I would escape into my creative world writing my sci-fi story with heroes struggling against villains for good to triumph. I was careful not to write about matters that appeared illogical or ridiculous and too far fetched for the reader to discard as absolutely absurd. Rather I wrote down possibilities with real potential to eventuate in accordance with some scientific principles. My reasoning being was if the reader believed these things were possible as I do, they would enjoy the adventure more so and experience the emotional journey and perhaps an adrenalin rush to the senses.

I never envisaged myself being an author, a title that seemed to belong to those who over the decades, nay centuries, have produced volumes of literature and left their footprint firmly embedded in the sands of time. I have always been in awe of those writers who had this creative talent to keep me intrigued, page after page to completely engage my imagination, stimulate my emotions and leave me saturated with excitement.

Yet, amazingly, I have now made my tiny baby imprint with my first published sci-fi novel for the world to read and listen to thanks to modern technology. And, amazingly, readers who have already acquired my book have informed me how they have enjoyed the story and are waiting impatiently for my next book. This encouragement has given me the enthusiasm to continue to write sequels for the trilogy that I have already started entitled “Zarkwin’s Revenge”.

But it hasn’t been an easy road as many authors will confess. Like most trying to put pen to paper (in modern terms, finger to keyboard), it has taken many drafts and many disappointments with my threats of throwing the manuscript in the bin on several occasions. However, the old adage still applies that “persistence pays off.” Even the most notable artists will tell you that it takes patience and hard work to massage, refine, smooth out and rework all the parts to  produce a piece of art that is worthy of praise.

And just when I thought I had finished my masterpiece (being subjective), the hard work had only just begun. Now I needed the manuscript published and potential readers wanting to indulge in my science-fiction “space opera” as it was once coined by a professional assessor. Should I produce a paperback, an eBook, even an audiobook or all three? Well as you will discover I decided on all three. But that’s another story to tell of how I went about it for my next segment on Raven’s Ramblings.

James Raven – “May the spirits of the Ancients guide you and protect you”